FREE TO THE PUBLIC: Samira's Annual Bazaar and Hafla in June.
Come shop, explore, and see some of our talented dancers during the June 22nd Bazaar and Hafla event. All ages welcome!!!

Come see us every Saturday at Lakeland's downtown HOOKAH PALACE!
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A community of dancers dedicated to promoting and preserving the most ancient and exotic of dances, as well as creating an atmosphere of positive encouragement and establishing a sisterhood where ALL women feel welcome and where the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.

Samira: Instructor, Performer, Choreographer and Producer has been studying and sharing her love of  Middle Eastern Dance for over 30 years. In her classes she shares her passion for this dance with her students of all levels in hopes that many more generations of dancers will continue to explore all this dance has to offer.

Classes include instruction of basic to advanced technique, use of props, choreography, stage presence, costuming and much more.

Samira is on YouTube!

Samira Video

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